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See Sabc.txt for the UK area code list.

The UK National Telephone Numbering Plan is a document published by Ofcom and defines precisely which number ranges are used for which purposes, as well as the geographic charge groups and so on.

In 2003, the plan was revised. True to style, Oftel botched the job with a huge number of spelling mistakes, illogical names, and many other errors in their proposal document. Both BT and C&W commented on the proposal and highlighted some of the errors. Some of those errors were fixed by Ofcom over the next few years, others only after many years, but a lot of the problems still remain in 2012.

Ofcom publishes the UK numbering and area code data in several ways:

  • The National Telephone Numbering Plan document as a PDF file (see External Links section below).
  • The list of area codes, area code lengths and area code names, as a text file (sabc.txt).
  • A series of text files and spreadsheets listing UK number ranges with the number format and name of company managing each range.

One problem is that the data is incomplete. For example, in the sabc.txt file only a few of the 3 digit area codes have been marked as such. One area code is completely missing from the list in the PDF file. Another problem is that several area code names have spelling mistakes in either, or both, the PDF document and the sabc.txt file. Additionally, several number ranges are recorded with the wrong format in some, or all, of the text files and spreadsheets and the sabc.txt file.

Ofcom believe the following area code names were changed in 2003: 1248, 1268, 1275, 1276, 1291, 1293, 1306, 1322, 1327, 1334, 1344, 1354, 1356, 1375, 1384, 1394, 1425, 1438, 1442, 1451, 1454, 1461, 1470, 1471, 1477, 1478, 1485, 1488, 1489, 1491, 1543, 1561, 1562, 1582, 1588, 1598, 1661, 1668, 1675, 1680, 1681, 1684, 1688, 1689, 1695, 1707, 1720, 1727, 1737, 1744, 1753, 1770, 1784, 1806, 1821, 1856, 1870, 1877, 1883, 1885, 1889, 1895, 1908, 1920, 1922, 1926, 1928, 1932, 1952, 1953, 1963, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1992., but the list R is not correct.

Several of the above area codes did not see any name change in 2003. It had been proposed to change some names, but in the end either the original BT name continued to be used or a completely new name suggested by either BT or C&W, or by both, was adopted.

The Ofcom proposal also contained a large number of spelling mistakes in the proposed area code names. Some of those errors were rectified within weeks or months, while others have still not been fixed almost nine years later. Additionally, several other areas changed their name after suggestions by BT and/or C&W, although Ofcom originally had no plans to change them. There are also several areas which changed name but are not listed above. Finally, some names were changed in one Ofcom document but were not updated in the other Ofcom document until several years later. Some have still not been updated or corrected.

A small number of place names were fixed in the SABC CSV document in 2010 or 2011 and nine place names were fixed in the reissued version of the UK NTNP PDF document in mid-December 2011.E.

The following table shows the true extent of the changes proposed in 2003, what was actually changed, and the myriad of errors in the proposals, responses and implementation, both then and since. Updated: 2012-03-10.

Code SABC March 2003 1 Oftel 2003 Proposal 2 BT 2003 comments 3 C&W 2003 comments 4 NTNP edits 2003 onwards 5 SABC edits 2003 onwards 6 Status 2012
(Inner - See also 1275)
BristolNo comment.No comment.BristolBristolOK
1229 0,1Barrow-in-Furness / MillomBarrow-in-Furness / MillomNo comment.No comment.Barrow-in-Furness / Millom (7) then changed to Barrow-in-Furness (2,4,5,6,8) / Millom (3,7,9) in 2005.Barrow-in-Furness National Dialling (2003- ). Should be Barrow-in-Furness/Millom National Dialling.NTNP OK.
Error in SABC.
Should be Barrow-in-Furness/
Millom National Dialling.
1233AshfordAshfordNo comment.Could cause confusion. Suggest Ashford (Kent).Ashford (Kent)Ashford (2003- ). Should be Ashford (Kent).NTNP OK.
Error in SABC.
Should be Ashford (Kent).
1248Bangor (N Wales)BangorSuggest using Bangor (Wales).Clashes with 28 91. Suggest Bangor (Wales).Bangor (Gwynedd)Bangor (Gwynedd)OK
(See also 1477)
CongletonNo comment.No comment.CongletonCongletonOK
[See also 1375]
Canvey IslandSuggest using Basildon.Consider using Basildon.BasildonBasildonOK (using BT and C&W suggested name).
1271Barnstable[sic]Barnstable[sic]No comment.No comment.Barnstable (2003-2011) then corrected to Barnstaple in late 2011.Barnstable (2003-2010) then corrected to Barnstaple in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
(Outer - See also 117)
No comment.
Clevedon. Agree.ClevedonClevedonOK
(See also 1344)
No comment.
Camberley. Agree.CamberleyCamberleyOK
1284Bury-St-Edmunds[sic]Bury-St-Edmunds[sic]No comment.No comment.Bury-St-Edmunds (2003-2011) then corrected to Bury St Edmunds in late 2011.Bury-St-Edmunds (2003-2010) then corrected to Bury St Edmunds in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
1286Caernarvon[sic]Caernarvon[sic]No comment.No comment.Caernarvon (2003–2011) then corrected to Caernarfon in late 2011.Caernarvon (2003-2010) then corrected to Caernarfon in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
1289Berwick-on-Tweed[sic]Berwick-on-Tweed[sic]No comment.No comment.Berwick-on-Tweed (2003–2011) then corrected to Berwick-upon-Tweed in late 2011.Berwick-on-Tweed (2003-2010) then corrected to Berwick-upon-Tweed in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
No comment.
Chepstow. Agree.ChepstowChepstowOK
(See also 1306)
No comment.
Crawley. Agree.CrawleyCrawleyOK
No comment.
Consider using Irvine.ArdrossanArdrossanOK
(See also 1293)
No comment.
Dorking. Agree.DorkingDorkingOK
(See also 1959 & 1689)
No comment.
Dartford. Agree.DartfordDartfordOK
No comment.
Daventry. Agree.DaventryDaventryOK
(See also 1489)
FarehamNo comment.No comment.FarehamFarehamOK
1333Peat Inn
(See also 1334)
Peat InnPeat Inn.
No comment.
Peat Inn. Agree.Peat Inn (2003- )Peat Inn (2003- )Leven (Fife) would be a better name for 1333. Peat Inn is in 1334.
1334Peat Inn
[See also 1333]
St AndrewsSt Andrews.
No comment.
St Andrews. Agree.St Andrews (2003- )St Andrews (2003- )In renaming 1334 Ofcom renamed the wrong area.
1340CraigellachieCraigellachieNo comment.No comment.CraigellachieCraigellachieOK (Aberlour may be a better name, no exchange in Craigellachie).
(See also 1276)
No comment.
Bracknell. Agree.BracknellBracknellOK
No comment.
Chatteris. Agree.ChatterisChatterisOK
1355East Kilbride
(See also 1357)
KilbrideConsider East Kilbride for both.Suggest using East Kilbride.East KilbrideEast KilbrideOK
1356BrechinBrechinNo comment.No comment.BrechinBrechinOK (Listed by Ofcom as changing name in 2003 but name not actually changed).
1357East Kilbride
(See also 1355)
East KilbrideConsider East Kilbride for both.Suggest using Strathaven.StrathavenStrathavenOK (using C&W suggested name).
[See also 1268]
Stanford-le-HopeSuggest using Grays Thurrock instead of Stanford Le Hope[sic].Suggest using Grays Thurrock.Grays ThurrockGrays ThurrockOK (using BT and C&W suggested name).
(See also 1562)
No comment.
Dudley. Agree.DudleyStourbridge (2003-2007) then corrected to Dudley in 2007.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
1388 5Stanhope (5) and Bishop AucklandStanhope (4) and Bishop Auckland01388 contains two separate charge groups: 01388 and 01388 5. Stanhope sub-reference needs correcting: (5) not (4).No comment.Stanhope (5)1388 5 StanhopeOK (The Stanhope exchange is located in Eastgate).
No comment.
Felixstowe. Agree.FelixstoweFelixstoweOK
No comment.
Ringwood. Agree.RingwoodRingwoodOK
1437 2,3,4,5ClynderwenClynderwenNo comment.No comment.ClynderwenClynderwenOK (The correct Welsh spelling is Clunderwen).
(See also 1920)
KnebworthSuggest using Stevenage.Suggest using Stevenage.StevenageStevenageOK (using BT and C&W suggested name).
(See also 1582)
Hemel HempsteadHemel Hempstead.
No comment.
Hemel Hempstead. Agree.Hemel HempsteadHemel HempsteadOK
No comment.
Stow-on-the-Wold. Agree.Stow-on-the-WoldStow-on-the-WoldOK
1454RangeworthyChipping SodburyChipping Sodbury.
No comment.
Chipping Sodbury. Agree.Chipping SodburyChipping SodburyOK
No comment.
Gretna. Agree.GretnaGretnaOK
1470EdinbaneIsle of Skye - EdinbaneIsle of Skye - Edinbane.
No comment.
Isle of Skye - Edinbane. Agree.Isle of Skye - EdinbaneIsle of Skye - EdinbaneOK
1471BroadfordIsle of Skye - BroadfordIsle of Skye - Broadford.
No comment.
Isle of Skye - Broadford. Agree.Isle of Skye - BroadfordIsle of Skye - BroadfordOK
(See also 1260)
Holmes ChapelHolmes Chapel.
No comment.
Holmes Chapel. Agree.Holmes ChapelHolmes Chappel (2003-2007) then corrected to Holmes Chapel in 2007.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
1478PortreeIsle of Skye - PortreeIsle of Skye - Portree.
No comment.
Isle of Skye - Portree. Agree.Isle of Skye - PortreeIsle of Skye - PortreeOK
1482HullHullNo comment.No comment.HullHullKingston-upon-Hull would be a better name.
No comment.
Hunstanton. Agree.HunstantonHunstantonOK
1488Great SheffordHungerfordHungerford.
No comment.
Hungerford. Agree.HungerfordHungerfordOK
(See also 1329)
Bishops WalthamBishops Waltham.
No comment.
Bishops Waltham. Agree.Bishops WalthamBishops WalthamOK
No comment.
Henley-on-Thames. Agree.Henley-on-ThamesHenley on Thames (2003-2010) then corrected to Henley-on-Thames in 2010.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
1507 4Alford (Lincs)AlfordNo comment.Clashes with 1975. Suggest Alford (Lincs).Alford (Lincolnshire) (2003) then corrected to Alford (Lincs) later in 2003.Alford (Lincs)NTNP now OK.
1507 5SpilsbySpilsby01507 - contains two rather than three charge groups. 01507 5, like the rest of the range bar Alford, is Louth, and not Spilsby - Spilsby is 01790. The reference to Spilsby should be deleted.No comment.Spilsby removed (2003-2005) then added again in 2005.Spilsby (2003- )Horncastle would be a better name for 1507 2 and 1507 5. Spilsby is 1790.
15395Grange over Sands[sic]Grange-Over-Sands[sic]No comment.Grange-over-sands.
No comment.
Grange-Over-Sands (2003–2011) then corrected to Grange-over-Sands in late 2011.Grange over Sands (2003-2010) then corrected to Grange-over-Sands in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
No comment.
Cannock. Agree.CannockCannockOK
1559Llandyssul[sic]Llandyssul[sic]No comment.No comment.Llandyssul (2003–2011) then corrected to Llandysul in late 2011.Llandyssul (2003-2010) then corrected to Llandysul in 2010.NTNP now OK.
SABC now OK.
No comment.
Laurencekirk. Agree.LaurencekirkLaurencekirkOK
(See also 1384)
No comment.
Consider using Kidderminster.KidderminsterKidderminsterOK (using C&W suggested name).
(See also 1442)
No comment.
Luton. Agree.LutonLutonOK
1588Craven ArmsBishops CastleBishops Castle.
No comment.
Bishops Castle. Agree.Bishops CastleBishops CastleOK
No comment.
Consider using Dean.LydneyLydneyOK
No comment.
Consider using Barnstable[sic] [Bad idea].LyntonLyntonOK
1603Norwich_NorwichNo comment.No comment.NorwichNorwich_ (2000-2012) then corrected to Norwich in early 2012.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
Trailing space in SABC removed in early 2012.
1636NewarkNewarkNo comment.No comment.NewarkNewarkNewark-on-Trent would be a better name.
[See also 1841]
NewquayNo comment.No comment.NewquayNewquayOK
No comment.
Prudhoe. Agree.PrudhoePrudhoeOK
No comment.
Consider using Wooler.BamburghBamburghOK
(See also 1676)
No comment.
Coleshill. Agree.ColeshillColeshillOK
(See also 1675)
No comment.
Meriden. Agree.MeridenMeridenOK
1680CraignureIsle of Mull - CraignureIsle of Mull - Craignure.
No comment.
Isle of Mull - Craignure. Agree.Isle of Mull - CraignureIsle of Mull - CraignureOK
1681FionnphortIsle of Mull - FionnphortIsle of Mull - Fionnphort.
No comment.
Isle of Mull - Fionnphort. Agree.Isle of Mull - FionnphortIsle of Mull - FionnphortOK
1684Hanley SwanHanley SwanSuggest using Tewkesbury.Suggest using Malvern.MalvernMalvernOK (using C&W suggested name).
1686 4LlanidloesLlandiloes[sic]No comment.Spelling error. Use Llanidloes.LlanidloesLlanidloesOK. Spelling error fixed in 2003.
1688TobermoryIsle of Mull - TobermoryIsle of Mull - Tobermory.
No comment.
Isle of Mull - Tobermory. Agree.Isle of Mull - TobermoryIsle of Mull - TobermoryOK
(See also 1322 & 1959)
No comment.
Orpington. Agree.OrpingtonOrpingtonOK
1695Skelmersdale (Rainford)
[See also 1744]
No comment.
Skelmersdale. Agree.SkelmersdaleSkelmersdaleOK
1697BramptonBramptonBrampton should be 016977, not 01697.No comment.Correctly listed as 016977 (2003-2004) then incorrect 01697 (2005- ).Correctly listed as 16977 (2001-2002) then incorrect 1697 (2003- ).16977 is a five-digit area code.
1707Colney Heath
(See also 1727)
Welwyn Garden CitySuggest using Potters Bar.Consider using Potters Bar.Welwyn Garden CityWelwyn Garden CityOK (BT and C&W suggested Potters Bar).
1720ScilloniaIsles of ScillyIsles of Scilly.
No comment.
Isles of Scilly. Agree.Isles of ScillyIsles of ScillyOK
1727Colney Heath
(See also 1707)
St AlbansSt Albans.
No comment.
St Albans. Agree.St AlbansSt AlbansOK
(See also 1883)
No comment.
Redhill. Agree.RedhillRedhillOK
(See also 1695)
St HelensSt Helens.
No comment.
St Helens. Agree.St HelensSt HelensOK
(See also 1895 & 1784)
No comment.
Slough. Agree.SloughSloughOK
1770BrodickIsle of ArranIsle of Arran.
No comment.
Isle of Arran. Agree.Isle of ArranIsle of ArranOK
(See also 1895 & 1753)
No comment.
Staines. Agree.StainesStainesOK
(See also 1507)
No comment.
Spilsby. Agree.SpilsbySpilsbyOK
No comment.
Shetland. Agree.ShetlandShetlandOK
1807BallindallochBallindallochNo comment.No comment.BallindallochBallindallochOK
1821Coupar Angus
(See also 1828)
KinrossConsider using Kinrossie or Errol. Kinross is 01577 and many miles away.Kinross[sic]. Agree
[See BT comments].
KinrossieKinrossieOK (using BT suggested name).
1828Coupar Angus
(See also 1821)
Coupar AngusCoupar Angus.
No comment.
Coupar Angus. Agree.Coupar AngusCoupar AngusOK
No comment.
Suggest using Oundle.CloptonCloptonOK
[See also 1637]
NewquayNo comment.Consider using Padstow.Newquay (2003- )Newquay (2003- )Clashes with 1637.
C&W suggested Padstow in 2003.
1843ThanetThanetNo comment.No comment.ThanetThanetOK (Thanet is a region not a town).
1847Thurso / TongueThurso / Tongue01847 would be better shown in the same way as 01339. Use 01847 Thurso (8) and Tongue (6) as these are non-adjacent charge groups.No comment.Thurso [5,8] / Tongue (6) (2003-2005) then changed to Thurso (2,3,4,5,8) / Tongue (6,7,9) in 2005.Thurso (8) / Tongue (6) (2002) then Thurso (5,8) / Tongue (6) (2003) then Thurso (2,3,4,5,8) / Tongue (6,7,9) 2004 onwards.OK
1851 7,8StornowayStornaway[sic]No comment.Spelling error. Use Stornoway.StornowayStornowayOK. Spelling error fixed in 2003.
No comment.
Orkney. Agree.OrkneyOrkneyOK
1864AbingtonAbingtonNo comment.No comment.AbingtonAbingtonOK (The Abington exchange is located in Crawford).
1870BenbeculaIsle of BenbeculaIsle of Benbecula.
No comment.
Isle of Benbecula. Agree.Isle of BenbeculaIsle of BenbeculaOK
1877TrossachsCallandar[sic]No comment.Callandar[sic]. Agree.Callandar (2003-2011) then corrected to Callander in late 2011.CallanderNTNP now OK.
No comment.
Lochboisdale. Agree.LochboisdaleLohboisdale (2003-2005) then corrected to Lochboisdale in 2005.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
(See also 1737)
No comment.
Caterham. Agree.CaterhamCaterhamOK
(See also 1886)
PencombeNo comment.Suggest using Bromyard.Pencombe (2003- )Pencombe (2003- )In renaming 1885 Ofcom renamed the wrong area.
(See also 1885)
BromyardNo comment.Suggest using Leigh Sinton.Bromyard (2003- )Bromyard (2003- )Knightwick or Leigh Sinton would be a better name for 1886. Bromyard businesses use 1885.
1889Dapple HeathRugely[sic]No comment.Rugely[sic]. Agree.Rugely (2003-2011) then corrected to Rugeley in late 2011.RugeleyNTNP now OK.
1890 6n/an/aNo comment.No comment.Ayton (7) (2003-2004) then changed to Ayton (5,6,7,9) in 2005.Coldstream (2003-2005) then corrected to Ayton in 2005.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
(See also 1753 & 1784)
No comment.
Uxbridge Agree.UxbridgeUxbridgeOK
(See also 1922)
WolverhamptonNo comment.No comment.WolverhamptonWolverhamptonOK
1908WolvertonMilton KeynesMilton Keynes.
No comment.
Milton Keynes. Agree.Milton KeynesMilton KeynesOK
191 2,4,6,8TynesideTynesideNo comment.No comment.TynesideTynesideNewcastle-upon-Tyne would be a better name.
191 5WearsideSunderlandSunderland.
No comment.
Sunderland. Agree.SunderlandWearside (2003-2007) then corrected to Sunderland in 2007.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
(See also 1438)
No comment.
No comment.
(See also 1902)
No comment.
No comment.
1926Leamington SpaWarwickWarwick.
No comment.
Suggest Leamington Spa.WarwickWarwickOK
1928FrodshamRuncornNo comment.Runcorn. Agree.RuncornRuncornOK
1931ShapBamptonSuggest continuing to use Shap.Suggest Shap.ShapShapOK (using BT and C&W suggested name).
(See also 1372)
EsherNo comment.Clashes with 1372. Suggest Weybridge.WeybridgeWeybridgeOK (using C&W suggested name).
1934Weston-Super-Mare[sic]Weston-Super-Mare[sic]No comment.No comment.Weston-Super-Mare (2003-2011) then corrected to Weston-super-Mare in late 2011.Weston-Super-Mare (2003- ). Should be Weston-super-Mare.NTNP now OK.
Error in SABC.
Should be Weston-super-Mare.
19467Gosforth (Mixed)GosforthNo comment.Gosforth. Agree.GosforthGosforth (Mixed) (2003- ). Should be Gosforth.NTNP OK.
Error in SABC.
Should be Gosforth.
No comment.
No comment.
No comment.
No comment.
(See also 1322 & 1689)
No comment.
Consider Swanley or Biggin Hill.WesterhamSwanley (2003-2007) then corrected to Westerham in 2007.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.
No comment.
Wincanton. Agree.WincantonWincantonOK
1975 5Alford (Aberdeen)AlfordNo comment.Clashes with 1507. Suggest Alford (Scotland).Alford (Aberdeenshire) (2003-2005) then corrected to Alford (Aberdeen) in 2005.Alford (Aberdeen)NTNP now OK.
1980Bulford CampAmesburyAmesbury.
No comment.
Amesbury. Agree.AmesburyAmesburyOK
1983RydeIsle of WightIsle of Wight.
No comment.
Isle of Wight. Agree.Isle of WightIsle of WightOK
No comment.
Watchet. Agree.WatchetWatchetOK (The Watchet exchange is located in Williton).
1987n/an/aNo comment.No comment.EbbsfleetEbbsfleetOK. New area code introduced in 2008.
1992HoddesdonLea ValleySuggest continuing to use Hoddesden.Consider Waltham Cross.Lea ValleyLea ValleyOK (BT and C&W each suggested a different name).
1994St ClearsWhitlandSuggest continuing to use St Clears.Suggest using St Clears.St ClearsSt ClearsOK (using BT and C&W suggested name).
28 10,11Nothern[sic] Ireland National Diallingn/aNo comment.No comment.n/aNothern Ireland National Dialling (2003-2010) then corrected to Northern Ireland National Dialling in 2010.SABC now OK.
28 40BanbridgeBambridge[sic]Spelling error. Use Banbridge.Spelling error. Use Banbridge.BanbridgeBanbridgeOK. Spelling error fixed in 2003.
28 43NewcastleNewcastleNo comment.Could cause confusion. Suggest Newcastle (Co Down).Newcastle (Co. Down)Newcastle (2003-2010) then corrected to Newcastle (Co. Down) in 2010.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK (using C&W suggested name).
28 66EnniskillenEnniskilen[sic]Spelling error. Use Enniskillen.Spelling error. Use Enniskillen.EnniskillenEnniskillenOK. Spelling error fixed in 2003.
28 81NewtownstewartNewtonstewart[sic]Spelling error. Use Newtownstewart.Spelling error. Use Newtownstewart.NewtownstewartNewtownstewartOK. Spelling error fixed in 2003.
28 90Belfast CityBelfastBelfast.
No comment.
Belfast. Agree.BelfastBelfast City (2003- ). Should be Belfast.NTNP OK.
Error in SABC.
Should be Belfast.
28 91BangorBangorNo comment.Clashes with 1248. Suggest Bangor (Co Down).Bangor (Co. Down)Bangor (2003-2010) then corrected to Bangor (Co. Down) in 2010.NTNP OK.
SABC now OK.

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