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General Condition 1

You can use whatever extension numbers you like, except:

  • Those extension numbers which conflict with a dialling code. e.g. ext 804 is not permitted. It is OK to use, but not advisable to use, extension numbers starting with 8 as these may not be compatible with equipment that requires overlap dialling.
  • Any codes or extensions marked as not available for allocation or reserved in the A&Aasteriskom Telephone Numbering Plan.

General Condition 2

Dialling codes should normally be allocated on a next-free-number basis. However, with the agreement of the members of the network, dialling codes with specific numbers may be allocated for special uses.

General Condition 3

Any A&AasteriskCPs who wish to interconnect with each other must make arrangements to do so within a resonable time of the request being made unless (i) there's a good reason not to or (ii) one or more of the parties hate each other.

Penalties for breaking General Conditions

In the event that someone breaks one or more of the General Conditions, these punishments will be applied in order, punishment 1 in the case of a first offence, and one punishment per further offence, in numerical order:

1. A&Aasteriskom will try to fob the complainant off to the A&Aasteriskdisputeresolution service.
2. A&Aasteriskom will consider it's not their problem and the A&Aasteriskinformationcommissioner should sort it out instead.
3. Someone will think about telling you off.
4. Someone will nearly tell you off and then decide against it.
5. Someone will quickly realise all of the above upsets the EU and A&Aasteriskom will be forced to think about fining you.
6. A long meeting will be held to work out the scale of the fine. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. Someone will forget to make a note of what the fine was going to be.
7. The fine set will be market adjusted to a number that looks a little bit like a ring doughnut.
8. You will be fined £0 and told not to do it again.
9. A public consultation will be held, and all responses ignored in favour of the preferred option of fining the offender an amount of money in the shape of a Polo mint.
10. Everyone gets a pay rise, and steps 8 and 9 are repeated until everyone is bored silly.

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