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GaryH has offered to get fetching #a&a-asterisk T-shirts done for those of you who want one. If you would like a T-shirt put your nick down below and which size you want. If or when I get enough orders I'll get them done.

Terms and Conditions:
1. If you order a T-shirt and they get done, you must promise to pay GaryH for it and any postage/packing (unless you collect at an #a&a-astricon when you can have the P&P for free)
2. No refunds for putting down too small a size :p
3. Sizes are in no way related to Virgin Media broadband package names
4. Cost will be dependent on how many we order at once. It's usually cheaper to get >= 10 done at once. I'll let you know before I order them, but I'm hoping for a price < £10 each.

Place your T-shirt order below

  • GaryH - M
  • DrRK - L (But I want to know the cost :) )
  • JohnnyD - M
  • db - L (Paid)
  • TonyHoyle - M
  • BUTT - L Go on then ... polo or not these gonna be ? (Paid)
  • jzaw - 44" chest is that XL?
  • doc - L
  • northflux2 - M
  • bafj - M
  • NAB - L (but only in black) (Paid)
  • Bootc - L (black pref)