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Welcome to the #a&a-asterisk wiki
This wiki is designed to be used in conjunction with the #a&a-asterisk channel on the ZJE IRC network (irc://

Got an aa-asterisk 8xx code? Read the details on how to set up DUNDi so that you don't have to peer individually with other people any more!
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Next #a&a-astricon (meetup) details

For details of forthcoming events, see the A&A-Astricons page.

Main Index

  • Glossary of commonly mentioned terms on #a&a-asterisk
  • Who's Who - Rogue's Gallery of #a&a-asterisk regulars
  • Ofcomverter information and manual
  • Q&A - Questions and Answers and HowTos on various Asterisk/VoIP topics
  • Problem Page - Put your questions here and maybe someone will answer them!
  • VoIP RFCs - RFCs relevant to VoIP
  • Cause Codes - ISDN Cause codes
  • Idiots' Guides to Networking - Quick start guide
  • Phone Book - Telephone directory of extension numbers
  • Dialling Codes - List of internal dialling codes for calling between #a&a-asterisk channel members
  • XMPP - List of XMPP addresses for some of the regulars on this channel

A&Aasteriskom (the regulator)

Current Projects

Code snippets and handy hints


Other useless stuff

Router Board / RouterOS stuff